Thursday, February 2, 2012

{Three on Thursday} Attic Treasures

I went up into our attic earlier this week on a quest to find something I thought I had stored up there. Our attic is filled with seasonal items and holiday items and no longer used items ~ from my family and the one before us! We live in the house where my husband grew up, so we have his parents' and brothers' stuff up there with ours. I came across some photos that triggered the following memories:

1. Kevin has always loved Elmo from Sesame Street. One of his first toys was a machine-washable Elmo. The crowd grew after that. He had Tickle Me Elmo, Rock-n-Roll Elmo, ABC Elmo, Elmo's World Elmo. He had big Elmos and little Elmos. Stuffed Elmo and figurine Elmo and Christmas ornament Elmo. Elmo posters and Elmo pillows. He saw Sesame Street Live and "saw" nothing but Elmo. He even had his picture taken with Elmo at a local convenience store promotion. Yes, we still have all the Elmo toys, but they are stored safely in the attic ~ mostly.

Kevin and Elmo, around spring 1997.
I don't imagine any other little one giving Elmo
a hug nearly as excitedly as Kevin did!

2. I found this photo of my great-grandmother, Minnie Iona Thompson Dawson. Mamaw was one of my best friends. She always gave me mason jars with holes in the top for lightning bugs. She always fixed pinto beans AND great northern beans for the same meal when I was there. She taught me to crochet. She was teaching me to knit before she had a stroke. This unusual photo is from her last driver's license, just because that was the only recent photo we had of her.

My Mamaw

3. Katie was always a very picky dresser. Even as a baby she didn't like to wear "fussy" clothes. So out went ruffles and bows and all things frilly. She always seemed more comfortable and happy in simple, clean-lined garments. Then, she was asked by her daddy's cousin Traci to be a rice bag girl at her wedding. And she needed to wear a black or black and white dress. Grandmother Annie had this one made for her. Ruffles! Pleats! Eyelet! Gathers! Pinafore! Katie was excited to wear the pretty dress and pinafore for the wedding, but I couldn't talk her into wearing it again. She would wear just the black dress, but forget about that fussy pinafore! She was cute as could be though!

Katie ~ June 1992

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