Thursday, January 19, 2012

{Three on Thursday} Firsts

1. First haircuts: Beth (a cousin) took her little boy for his first one this week. He has a head FULL of glorious curls, now they are just shorter curls. It got me to thinking about my own boy's first haircut. He was about 18 months old. Ken and I were going to meet at the barber shop when I got off work, and we were going to videotape the "event." It just so happened that it was the last teacher work day of the year, and I ended up having to work late. I tried calling several times, but never got through. So ... Ken took Kevin by himself for the haircut. He came home - not with my baby boy, but with a little man! Oh, how I cried! I do have the video, of course; but I still tear up when I watch it. And, thanks to the barber, I also have his little curls!

2. First teeth: My sweet grandson is teething. He is 6 months old and drools like crazy! I am reminded of when his mommy was teething at 6 months old. She drooled and chewed and gnawed like everything! Then one evening, while we were visiting family in Memphis, she grinned up at us from her seat and she had ... not one, but TWO ... new teeth!

3. First words: I'm still holding out hope that Wyatt's first word will be "Grandma," but don't expect me to hold my breath. :-)  Katie's first word was "Da-da." My mother used to tell me that all babies say da-da first because it is easier to say. I disagree - Katie always was a Daddy's girl, so of course her first word was Da-da! She used to "sing the Da-da song" ~ ♪♫ da - da - da - da - da - da - da ♫♪ 
Kevin's first word was "Ma-ma," probably because I was able to stay home with him longer than I was able to with Katie. Questions remain about it though: "Ma-ma" morphed into "ma-milk" so he could have been asking for more milk all along.  ¯\_(*.*)_/¯

(Sorry no photos today ~ may try to find some and add them later.)

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